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Know the world, know yourself

We hope you will choose to spend your high school years at the Carver High School. Here we have two aims: to prepare you to be successful in college and to help you learn about the world so you will come to know yourself.

Let us guide the way

To achieve this vision, we will help you develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills using a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum that integrates the arts and issues of social justice and environmental stewardship. Our dedicated teachers act as guides pointing the way so you can find your own unique path toward becoming intelligent, self-confident, and socially responsible.

Be seen and heard

If you thrive in a small learning community with close relationships between your fellow students and teachers, you'll find this a nurturing place to discover your gifts and talents. With a student body of five hundred, we provide a teacher-student mentorship that leads to academic success and self-discovery.

Get grounded

Here, every aspect of the high school experience contributes not only to your academic preparation but also to your developing sense of self. We combine creativity with rigorous academics, empowering you to find your own way to engage with the world.

Challenge yourself academically

You will be challenged by a rich liberal arts curriculum. Our graduation requirements exceed the University of California A-G requirements.

Explore, express, engage

The arts are integral to creative problem solving and flexible, innovative thinking.  Here, all students engage in a wide range of arts, crafts and drama like weaving, portrait painting, and digital arts. 

Make a difference

Come fuel your passion to do good for your environment and community. Through internships, projects and coursework, you'll develop the skills to become a knowledgeable, productive leader of society with a focus on sustainability.

Learn through direct experience

Here you can help us slowly grow a school garden with the generous support of the Sam Mazza Foundation. The garden is an outdoor classroom for scientific observation, artistic inspiration, and nourishment. It offers you a place to reflect, work hard, and watch nature offer her bountiful gifts.