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Farah Poladi

     Ms. Poladi earned her bachelor's degree from California State University, Sacramento in Social Science. She also holds a preliminary single subject credential in Social Science. She has taught for two years at George Washington Carver High School and even completed her student teaching at this school. She has taught World and U.S. History at G. W. Carver High and also teaches a main lesson in Middle Eastern History. Ms. Poladi has family roots in and has also grown up in the Middle East. She shares her multicultural background in her main lesson by drawing on different perspectives from living abroad. While living in the Middle East, Ms. Poladi has learned to speak Persian, Urdu, and Hindi and incorporates these languages in her main lesson. She also incorporates her hobbies in her main lesson such as bookbinding. Ms. Poladi continues to develop her teaching in Waldorf methodology by continuing her education at Rudolf Steiner College to earn her Waldorf Teaching Certification.

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