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Vicky Schroeder

     Vicky began her 35-year passion in health and fitness as a teenager through disciplined study of dance, aerobics, and physical conditioning.  Continuing to pursue her intense interest in fitness and dance, Vicky worked as an aerobics instructor, performed in local music theater and earned a BA degree in Phychology from UC Davis. Her public teaching career began 20 years ago in special education, where she began to incorporate movement activities as a vehicle to help students improve their ability to read and write. The last 8 years of her teaching career has been devoted to dance or physical education. When her son began kindergarten 10 years ago at a public Waldorf school, Vicky modified her teaching philosophy to a more creative and profound style by incorporating various Waldorf methods. Vicky has just completed her third year of Spatial Dynamics training, the Waldorf Teacher Training Program specifically designed for movement teachers.

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